Paintings which have won prizes or been featured in public in some way. The links will take you to the relevant websites.

Last updated: July 2019


Circle Arts Quarterly review Summer 2020- "Late summer" (2015) selected for publication.

Gallery 25 N - solo exhibition "Flora 2019" and recipient of the Christopher E. Burke Fine Art Grant.

Online exhibition, artist statement and press release

Circle Arts Quarterly review Winter 2018- "Neglected flowerbed" (2018) selected for publication

Circle Arts - Spotlight Nr. 13 - Honorable mention - "Arctic root" (2018)

G25N - "Achill" (2012) and "Undergrowth" /2015) - Group Show Shades of Green July 7, 2017

G25N - "Dance frenzy" (2014) in The Human Form - Group Show September 28, 2015

Denver cultural week, Netherlands - "Night dance" (2015) - used as backdrop

Art competition net 1st prize in Competition Flowers 2015 - "Secret garden" (2015)

International Artist Feb/Mar. 2nd prize for "Inner light" (2014)

San Diego Museum of Man, California. Irish cultural event 2013 - "Turning" (2012) used as poster.

Paintings in public institutes

"Summer breeze" (2015) and "Summer night at Lón" (2010)- Icelandic Embassy, Helsinki, Finland (on loan). Icelandic Embassy, Moscow, Russia 2020 - (on loan).


"Secret garden" (2015) - Hamrahlíð College, Reykjavík, Iceland.

"Flying skirts" (2011) - Akranes municipal authority, Iceland.

"Hidden forces" (2013) - Institute for Experimental Pathology, University of Iceland, Keldur, Iceland.